Saturday, January 16, 2010

My Valentine's Day

"Warner Bros. Entertainment Company is now giving away 80 pairs of Valentine’s Day

Premiere tickets for a 3 day advance premiere to Nuffnangers just by completing the following:

  • Pick a star cast from the movie (e.g. Jessica Alba, Ashton Kutcher, Anne Hathaway, Patrick Dempsey, Taylor Lautner, etc.)

  • Write a blog post titled ‘My Valentine’s Day’ and share how would your Valentine’s Day be if you could be spending that day with that star!

  • Comment in this blog post with the permalink of your written blog post."

how would my Valentine’s Day be if i could be spending that day with star!

owh.. i would love to spend my Valentine's Day with lovely duwey Patrick Dempsey...
reason?? entah... dunno. i just love to look at him. love his (off course!!!)
honestly, valentine's day will be quite a busy day.. bad traffic? definitely. everywhere you will see couples holding hands.. carrying a bouquet of roses (damn.. flowers will be very expensive on that day).. any exclusive restaurant has to prepare extra table for two... hehe.. do you notice that?? this is not sooo romantic moment for me...

my way to spend time with this star... will take him away from any busy city.

i will pick Pulau Tioman as an ideal place to spend time together. taking him off from his hectic life. why Pulau Tioman..? ok lets imagine how nice if you could walk together along the beach... chit chat while waiting for sunset, lying on the beach... capture all the nice view in your head with Patrick Dempsey with you. mmm.. this could be the best moment in my whole life...

crringggg.. wake up, stop imagining.
hope Nuffnang will pick me as one of the winners.
so that i can spend time with my busy hubby (Patrick Jupsy) for a movie.