Monday, April 7, 2014


It is a lot easier to change the person, then it is to change a person.
You can change yourself.
That is easier. Sometimes it is painful, because change is always hard.
It is always better.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Happily never after

We seek happiness. A drug. We're addicted to. 

Happiness apparently really is a drug. 


A natural one anyway. We can explain happiness pretty well. A rush of hormones into our system, creating that lift. The high we feel when we're happy. 

We sometimes find an alternative to this natural release. We seek nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, tetrahydrocannabinol (which is the active ingredient in marijuana... yeah I googled it) and even other substance that we abuse. 

All in the name of seeking somekind of high. 

Naturally we still can get a high. A good run releases a whole mix of hormones like serotonin, epinephrine, dopamine, and endorphin into our body. Hence they call it a "runner's high". 

Making love and being in love raises dopamine, our fun hormone. 

All of these in turn makes us "happy".

Interesting that after all that is said and done about happiness... It was all about a bunch of chemical that made us happy after all. 

So when we really work hard at being happy ever after, it was never meant to be ever after, after all. 

Money in the end might just buy happiness. Albeit a temporary one. 


It is temporary anyway... until the next high. That is. 


Thursday, March 27, 2014

Faking it.

We're plastic. Fake. Mostly. Simply because we have to be. 

We pretend to like someone. To like certain food. To enjoy certain music. It simply is expected of us. 

It actually is good manners to fake it. 

To show pleasure when in actual fact we don't like what we're eating, watching, listening to, or even are with. 

We were conditioned to lie. 

Growing up we were taught good manners. And in doing so, it actually is rude to tell the truth. 

We don't go around saying "Hi... You look a bit fat today huh" or "Hello... Times must be tough eh, with your hair receding so fast". 

We simply don't. 

We lie or we ignore the truth. That's the right thing to do. 


No matter how we fake, we can't fake what we love. 

Who we love and what we love is a passion. What we enjoy... The people we're with, the job we do, the food we enjoy, the places we love. 

We can't fake love. 

Because whenever we do we simply will fail. And it is rude to pretend to like something so much, when you actually hate it. 

Good manners comes in moderation, and love on the other hand comes with passion. 

So perhaps while we fake our life away, it is also equally important to seek what is it that we love. 


We can live and lie to everyone else. 


We can't live and lie to ourselves.

*penulisan ZZ